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About Job's Daughters

What is Jobies?

Job's Daughters is an organization created to bring together young women in a fun filled, rewarding environment. In Job's Daughters young ladies are taught the values of leadership, organization, teamwork and self-reliance. The main goal is to help others and build our own individual character.

Who founded Jobies?
In 1920, Mrs. Ethel T. Wead Mick founded Job's Daughters in Omaha, Nebraska . The purpose of the Order was to band together young girls with Masonic relationship for character building through moral and spiritual development by teaching a greater reverence for God and the Holy Scriptures: loyalty to the Flag and the Country for which it stands, and respect for parents and guardians.

What do girls in Jobies do?
        For over 75 years, Job's Daughters has been actively promoting friendship and service. In Jobies, girls participate in activities such as scavenger hunts, sleepovers, barbecues, and trips to Children's Hospitals. They put together fundraisers such as a car wash or a dessert auction. Job's Daughters also have many service projects throughout the year. In the past, Bethel 7 has donated to the Humane Society and the food bank, and they have volunteered their time to help paint old buildings. During monthly meetings, the girls plan their next big projects and fun activities while building public speaking skills and self-confidence in a welcoming environment. Jobies do all of this and still have enough time to participate in school activities and sports!

Can I join?
Job's Daughters is open to girls' ages 10 to 20 that have a Masonic Heritage. They do not follow any specific religion, but do require that their members have a belief in God. To become a Job's Daughter does not involve any embarrassing rituals or a test of courage. Initiations are solemn, meaningful ceremonies presented by the Bethel Officers. Parents are welcome at Initiations and all of the meetings. To be a member of Job's Daughters is to be part of a group that promotes friendship among young women and confidence in them. As a member you will learn skills that will help you throughout your life. You will become part of an organization that serves the community, but most importantly, you will have fun!

How do I join?

    To become a member, you go through an easy, four step process. 

The first step is to say "Hello!" Contact us by sending us an email, messaging us on Facebook, or calling us on the phone.

The second step is to plan a visitation! This visitation is for the purpose of you and your parents getting to know the girls and adults of Bethel 7.  This way, you will be familiar with the other member when you join. We can answer any questions you might have and help you fill out your petition! This visitation can be in the form of a bowling party, an ice cream social, a picnic, or whatever you would like! 

The third step is to fill out a petition! This petition is an application to join our Bethel! Email Bethel 7 and we will give you an address to send your petition to. Accompanying the petition is a $15 fee, which should be sent in an envelope with the petition. Any questions regarding your petition can be emailed and will be answered as soon as possible.

The final step is your Initiation! Job's Daughters has had this ceremony since they were founded. This is one of the most formal things we do, so it may seem like a lot! We invite your parents or guardians, grandparents, and other adult family members, to attend your initiation. During the initiation, you will hear the three lessons of Job's Daughters and do a lot of walking. The meeting will last about an hour and a half, and congratulations- you're a member of Job's Daughters!

Not 10 years old yet?

If you're under 10, don't fret! Job's Daughters has a preparatory club for girls ages 7-9 who plan on joining Jobies when they're old enough. This club is called Jobie-to-Bee. Jobie-to-Bees are invited to our meetings and fun activities and get to know all the members of our Bethel before they join. They help with fundraisers and service projects, and they are able to develop leadership skills within the club. Jobie-to-Bees are given sashes and headbands and have meetings of their own during the Job's Daughters meetings.
    If you're interested in having your daughter join the Jobie-to-Bee club, send us an email or give us a call. Joining Jobie-to-Bee is free and easy to do! This pamphlet has more information on the Jobie-to-Bee club and also contains the enrollment form. We can't wait to hear from you!

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